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Are you ready for your European cycling tour?

By Cyclando on 23-02-2022

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You’ve decided to cycle across Europe, but are you ready and prepared?
The cold winter air blowing only serves as a reminder that the seasons turn, flowers bloom and roads give way to cycling tourists. The Spring and Summer months come quickly, but are you ready to ride?

By now, the holiday treats are well digested and the New Year's resolutions well established. Become a Cyclander and indulge in Emilia Romagna's famous pastas and hams or in Tuscany's culture and history. You’ll just need to bring the level of fitness that you established to carry you through.


Am I ready?

If you are reading this article then you have already made the first and perhaps the most important step. The mental leap; the understanding that you will conquer something unique by cycling new roads. You are feeling comfortable already with the idea, you’ve planted the seed in your mind. Now nurture it.

What should I expect?

The Foodies Tour through Emilia Romagna covers 35 to 45 miles a day, not much, but something to be considered seriously when repeated daily throughout the week.

The Emilia Romagna tour weaves from Bologna to Modena, Reggio Emilia and on to Bologna, touching the fertile grounds that produce many of Italy's most famous products. Here they age Italy's famous Parmesan cheese, Prosciutto ham and Balsamic Vinegar. The pastries and pastas at lunch stops and dinners will quickly help you forget about the miles.

How should I comfortably prepare?

Consider a plan three months ahead. Ease into it, try your gear and your legs with short 10 to 15-mile rides. These rides, not pushing too hard, will allow you to build time 'in the saddle' and confidence.
The journey to the Spring and Summer tours is almost, or can be even more, as memorable as the event itself. You have an opportunity to encourage friends to dust off their bikes or find those already riding, so you can train together. It's two-fold, socializing and building miles. With company, you cover 25 to 30 miles as if you were soloing a 10-mile ride. 

How will I know I’m Ready?

Your physical ability will rise to meet your desire that first pushed you searching on the internet and signing up for a Cyclando Active Tour. You will return home less fatigued, your bathroom scale will show smaller number and you will look forward to the next rides.

Should I include climbs in my training?

This is an opportunity to explore your local surroundings while preparing to embark to the old world's roads that used to support horses and carts. Climbs will mark the tours in Tuscany. They rise quickly, but reveal hilltop towns and breathtaking views of the valleys below. So be ready.

How to prepare for the climbs?

Ride to or drive to an undulated area. Program a loop that includes a few climbs, maybe one of two to five miles. Going uphill works different leg muscles and the pulling and pushing on the handlebars, strengthens your arms and back. It is a wake up call to those muscle groups so that when you face the tour's climbs, the muscle's memory will quickly recall its task.

Is it all about building base miles?

No, much of the time on a tour will be spent with your legs down or up. You'll stop and take out your camera to capture a view, to refill your bottle from a fountain under a centuries' old church, or dig into a plate of tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce washed down with the local red wine

Does training really include sitting still?

Yes. Basically, enjoy the journey. When you are out with your friends on your training ride you can stop to have lunch and talk about the upcoming tour. Give your muscles a chance to relax and restart fresh. Learn what it feels like to be a cyclist, covering unchartered territories and savoring the moments.

How serious should I be?

As the time nears, consider riding 50 miles. By now, you should be comfortable with your gear and understanding what you will need to pack when you'll leave for the tour. Keep that gear in a separate space at home so as you become comfortable with your abilities you'll become comfortable with the tools needed. 

Is that it?

Yes. The questions you had at the beginning of your planning should have naturally answered themselves by the date of your departure. You will fly with confidence ready to discover new friends and lands via a well-organized cycling tour.

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